Market Update, the Fed and Rates, 2024 Outlook, and the Santa Claus Rally 12.01.23 Podcast

On this Nicolet Wealth Management Podcast episode, Mike Steppe and Adam Longlais discuss:

Why has the equity market rallied so strongly over the past month?

What has happened in the financial markets over the past several weeks?

Assuming the S&P 500 index finishes the year near 4,500, what type of return might an investor expect in 2024 for large cap US equities?

Why have oil prices not gone up further with the geo-political risks in the Middle East?

Is the Fed likely done hiking interest rates for this economic cycle?  When will the Fed start cutting interest rates?  What level of rate cuts are priced into the market?

What is the outlook for the US dollar in 2024?

In December 2025 (two years from now) where do you think ten (10) year maturity US T-Note yields will be trading?  What are the key factors in your long-term vision of where rates are headed?

What could be the biggest surprise in the financial markets in 2024 (Byron Wien made this question popular over the years)?

With Christmas coming up, what investment books or magazines might you suggest for investors?

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Show Notes:

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