Terry Albrecht

Terry Albrecht with Swagger at Packer Fastener and Packer Freight

 Terry Albrecht, CEO and co-founder of Packer Fastener and Packer Freight, and Adam Longlais, Senior Investment Officer at Nicolet Wealth Management join this conversation about intentional culture hosted by Anthony Wilhelms. From startup to building a culture with swagger Strategic planning with an entire team HEXCELLENCE: invest in employees and their excellence More Webinars …

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Mindset of Discovery with John Sweeney

 Yes! And… this conversation with John Sweeney, Owner of Brave New Workshop, Author, Keynote Speaker, Entertainer, and Trainer, and Adam Longlais, Senior Investment Officer at Nicolet Wealth Management, revolves around mindset. Anthony Wilhelms, CFA, CFP®,  VP – Wealth Management hosted this conversation, with topics that included: • Importance of the mindset of discovery in business today …

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Travel Insights with Rose Gray

 Anthony Wilhelms hosts a conversation with Rose Gray, Business Relationship Director at Fox World Travel and Mike Steppe, Chief Investment Officer at Nicolet National Bank. Topics include: What changes have occurred in the travel industry since the pandemic? What types of travel are best positioned for a recovery? Will business travel reach pre-pandemic peaks …

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Melissa DeVantier

Must-Haves for Estate Planning with Melissa DeVantier, Vice President

 Melissa DeVantier, Vice President – Trust Officer at Nicolet Wealth Management discusses Estate Planning in this webinar hosted by Anthony Wilhelms. Topics include: • Leaving a legacy through your estate • 5 Must-Haves for Estate Planning • Special Estate Planning Considerations • How to talk to your family about wealth Adam Longlais, Senior Investment …

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Darrick Munsch

A Conversation on The Value of Mentorship

 Jake Dinkel hosts this conversation with Darrick Munsch, VP Financial Advisor at Nicolet Wealth Management and Mike Steppe, Chief Investment Officer at Nicolet National Bank. Topics include: Mentorship and its impact on personal and professional growth. Tips to becoming a successful mentor. The impact mentorship has on company culture. Economic and legislative updates. More …

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US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Now Hiring, a Nicolet Wealth Management Market Update

Nicolet Wealth Management Market Update. Thank you for your continued confidence and trust in Nicolet.  The financial markets continued to be resilient in May despite mixed economic data. The employment market continues to improve with the most recent May report showing twice as much hiring as the previous month.  Recent hiring continues to be driven …

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Jenny Tice

Ready for College, a discussion with Jenny Tice and Adam Madson

 Josh Kohnhorst hosts a conversation with Jenny Tice, Operations Director at CollegeReady (formerly Scholarships, Inc.) and Adam Madson, Financial Advisor at Nicolet Wealth Management. Topics include: How can you help your student find the college that meets his or her needs? Solutions to saving for upcoming college expenses. What does the scholarship application process …

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Anthony Wilhelms, Mike Steppe, and Adam Longlais

Economic Outlook for 2021 from Nicolet Wealth Management

In this conversation hosted by Anthony Wilhelms, CFA, CFP®, Mike Steppe, CFA, Chief Investment Officer at Nicolet National Bank, and Adam Longlais, CFA, CAIA, Senior Investment Officer at Nicolet Wealth Management discuss the economic outlook for 2021. More Webinars   Investment and insurance products: – Are Not FDIC Insured – May Lose Value – Are …

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