Tom Zellner

Buying a Home in a Competitive Homebuyer’s Market

 Tom Zellner, SVP Retail Sales Manager, NMLS ID: 439868 at Nicolet National Bank discussed homebuying in this competitive market and the importance of consulting with a mortgage lender before making an offer to purchase a home. Adam Longlais, CFA, CAIA, Senior Investment Officer at Nicolet Wealth Management also provided a market update in this conversation …

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Anthony Wilhelms

Conversation with Anthony Wilhelms, CFA, CFP®, VP, Nicolet Wealth Management

 More than a year ago Anthony Wilhelms, CFA, CFP®  began hosting our Nicolet Wealth Management webinar. The roles changed for this conversation as Jake Dinkel, CFP® steps in as host for Anthony’s insight as a financial advisor during the pandemic. Mike Steppe, Chief Investment Officer at Nicolet National Bank  joined with an economic update. …

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PJ Madson

Financial Planning in Times of Uncertainty – Featuring PJ Madson

 Anthony Wilhelms, CFA, CFP®  talks with PJ Madson, Senior Vice President at Nicolet Wealth Management and Adam Longlais, Senior Investment Officer at Nicolet Wealth Management.  Topics include: • What does financial planning look like in times of uncertainty? • How can a business owner have a successful business transition? • What is happening with wood prices and …

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Dr. Dennis Episcopo

A Conversation with Dr. Dennis Episcopo On Leadership

 Anthony Wilhelms, CFA, CFP®  hosted this conversation with Dr. Dennis Episcopo, Senior Pastor at Appleton Alliance Church and Mike Steppe, CFA, Chief Investment Officer at Nicolet National Bank about leadership principles for your life, successful succession planning for organizations, and commentary on today’s economy. More Webinars   Investment and insurance products: – Are Not FDIC …

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Jenny Tice

Ready for College, a discussion with Jenny Tice and Adam Madson

 Josh Kohnhorst hosts a conversation with Jenny Tice, Operations Director at CollegeReady (formerly Scholarships, Inc.) and Adam Madson, Financial Advisor at Nicolet Wealth Management. Topics include: How can you help your student find the college that meets his or her needs? Solutions to saving for upcoming college expenses. What does the scholarship application process …

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Nicolet Wealth Management. Real People. Real Conversations. Featuring Mike Steppe and Adam Longlas. Recording from March 26, 2021

The Current State of The Stock Market and Cryptocurrency – Featuring Mike Steppe, Adam Longlais, and Anthony Wilhelms

 In this conversation with Adam Longlais, CFA, CAIA,  Senior Investment Officer at Nicolet Wealth Management and Mike Steppe, CFA, Chief Investment Officer at Nicolet National Bank, hosted by Anthony Wilhelms, CFA, CFP®  topics included: What is Robinhood and why is it getting so much traction? What is a meme stock and what influence does …

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Joe Kiedinger

Leadership in Business with Joe Kiedinger and Chris Dimmer

 In this conversation hosted by Anthony Wilhelms, CFA, CFP®, Joe Kiedinger, CEO of Prophit Company and Chris Dimmer, SVP Retail and Private Banking Manager at Nicolet National Bank discussed: • How has leadership changed with more people working from home? • What is servant leadership and how does it apply to business? • How …

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Stimulus and Vaccinations (Nicolet Wealth Management Market Update)

Nicolet Wealth Management Market Update. Thank you for your continued confidence and trust in Nicolet. The S&P 500 Index has now gained over 75% since the current equity market cycle started 11 months ago. We are now experiencing the strongest bull equity market since 1932, when the market rallied off the Great Depression lows. Perhaps, …

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