Nicolet National Bank & Charter Bank

What's Next?

There is a lot that will go on between now and the closing date.

There is nothing that the customer needs to do right now. It has been our experience that when announcements like this are made there is a feeling that customer accounts and/or services are impacted immediately. That is not the case. We expect our customers will see no difference in the level of service to which they are accustomed.

  • We both built a successful, sustainable model of community banking and are excited to bring these two companies together. By completing this transaction, we will offer a level of convenience and access to our customers that is greater than either bank can deliver separately.
  • We are very early in the process of combining and many of the decisions that may impact customer accounts have yet to be researched and discussed, much less finalized.
  • The products and services that we offer are being looked at through the eyes of our customers.
  • As we move through this transaction, we will communicate any and all information that will impact a customer as soon as it is known.

Helping You Stay Informed

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