What’s Up With Mortgage Fees & Points?

Consumers have gotten used to refinancing their mortgage with little to no costs over the past 10 years.  This is about to change! The problem was simple; business only works when it’s a win-win situation for everyone included. This has not been the case in the mortgage industry.  The consumer refinances to a lower rate …

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2008 Financial Topics: Real Time Real Pain

We have regular private communication with over 20% of the locally owned businesses in our area about their business and their markets. This does put us in a position to share some generalizations about what is happening real time. The meltdown in the financial markets began in July 2007. We have communicated to our business …

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Economic commentary

2008 Financial Topics: Of Politics and Economics

We have shared a brief sense of relief that the election is over. This relief has yielded to a yet deeper level of anxiety about the unfolding financial crisis. At each descending level it becomes more apparent that the clear distinction between politics and economics we long for, simply does not exist. In the spirit …

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