ACH and Check Positive Pay Fraud Prevention Statistics through Q3 2019

Fraud is occurring in staggering numbers every day! If your company is engaged in our business fraud prevention solutions, ACH & Check Positive Pay, we commend your diligence in working with us to prevent unauthorized or fraudulent transactions from clearing your business account.

If your company is not currently engaged in the solutions, we strongly encourage you to reconsider that decision based on the below information for 2019. These solutions work and have stopped an astounding amount of attempted fraud for our valued business customers.

ACH Positive Pay (Jan – Sept)
44 Customers had unauthorized ACH debit Transactions attempt to post to their business account
131 unauthorized ACH debit transactions presented
• Total dollar amount of prevented ACH fraud loss – $510,915.57

Check Positive Pay (Jan – Sept)
20 Customers had unauthorized or fraudulent checks attempt to post to their business account.
281 unauthorized or fraudulent checks presented
• Total dollar amount of prevented check fraud loss – $646,228.99

That is $1,157,144.56 in prevented losses so far in 2019!

Interested in learning more about these solutions and how they work?
Contact your Nicolet National Bank relationship manager, or contact the Treasury Management Team directly at 855-451-4793 or [email protected]. Implementation is easy and the peace of mind provided is priceless.

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