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Nicolet Bank Business Pulse – Hiring and Recruitment

The latest Nicolet Bank Business Pulse focused on hiring and recruitment of employees. The results of the focus study are attached. Overall 82% said that it is very difficult or somewhat difficult to recruit and hire qualified employees.  Over the past year, 81% said that recruiting and hiring has gotten much more difficult or somewhat […]

Business Pulse – Metrics that Matter – Effectiveness

This is the second part of the Nicolet Bank Business Pulse that focused on metrics that matter.  This study looks at how effective companies are in measuring the metrics that matter. Metrics that Matter – Effectiveness

Business Pulse – Metrics that Matter

10 factors CEO’s say are driving the success of their companies. Metrics that Matter

Leadership: Is the Next Generation Ready?

In our latest Nicolet Bank Business Pulse study, we looked to compare and contrast the views of current business leaders (current Pulse members) and future leaders (members of Young Professionals groups).  A few of the results that interested me was when we asked current business leaders how much confidence they had in the next generation […]