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In the News: Stress Test Results

Bob Atwell is quoted in this FinCriAdvisor article and discusses how the application of the stress test methodology to non-core institutions is a mistake.

In The News: Lender Avoids ‘Train Wrecks’

Having avoided the banking industry’s “train wrecks” in the past year, Nicolet Bankshares Inc. is poised to grow during economic recovery, said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bob Atwell. Atwell told shareholders during the company’s annual meeting at the Meyer Theatre in Green Bay that being steady but unfashionable has allowed the bank to weather […]

In The News: Visiting Your Lender Right Away

Determining whether to bring in a landscape architect or interior designer is often a matter of budget. Few home projects can be completed without financing, and the scope of the project will be determined by how much can be afforded. Tom Zellner, vice president–retail management at Nicolet National Bank, suggests identifying the lender before any […]

In the News: Treasury Investment in Banks Misunderstood

For more than a few reasons, starting with an early shift in priorities by the officials running it, TARP has become one of the most misunderstood and controversial parts of the federal government’s effort to revive the economy. Originally intended to stabilize the financial system by getting troubled loans and investments off the books of […]

In the News: Survey Shows CEOs Oppose Stimulus Plan

More than half of northeastern Wisconsin chief executives surveyed about the federal government’s economic stimulus plan say they are opposed to it. The Nicolet National Bank Business Pulse survey of 160 CEOs, conducted between Jan. 27 and Feb. 3, found that 57% were opposed to the plan, 23% favored it and 20% weren’t sure. Opposition […]

Stimulus Receives Little Support

In the latest The Nicolet Bank Business Pulse© CEOs indicate they are generally opposed to the Obama stimulus plan. The study was conducted between January 27 and February 3 – just prior to the final passage of the economic stimulus plan in Congress. More than half (57%) of the CEOs indicate that they are Opposed […]

In the News: Tiny Banks Lending Large

Michael Daniels runs a small bank in Green Bay, Wis., that recently received $15 million in taxpayer money. When he got the money, Daniels did something a bit rare in banking circles these days: He lent it out to homebuyers and small businesses. “We’re making loans,” Daniels said. “The window is open. It’s never been […]

In the News: See How Local Banks are Using Bailout Money

Nicolet National Bank President and COO Mike Daniels comments on how Wisconsin banks are using bailout money.

2009 Business Pulse: Business Looks to New North to Spread the Word

The New North region is well recognized within its own boundaries, but a majority of local business leaders believe the time is right to spread the word about the region to other areas, according to results of The Business Pulse, a survey of chief executive officers and other leaders in Northeast Wisconsin. The survey is […]

In the News: Nicolet Bank Puts Bailout Money Back in Community

A local bank is drawing national attention for doing what government leaders want banks to do with its taxpayer bailout money — lend money to home buyers and small businesses. At the end of last year when the $700 billion Troubled Assets Relief Program — or TARP — became available for the troubled financial sector, […]