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The Drew Mariani Show: Bob Atwell Discusses Current Economic Times

Bob Atwell discusses the current economic times on the Dew Mariani Show.

In the News: Treasury Investment in Banks Misunderstood

For more than a few reasons, starting with an early shift in priorities by the officials running it, TARP has become one of the most misunderstood and controversial parts of the federal government’s effort to revive the economy. Originally intended to stabilize the financial system by getting troubled loans and investments off the books of […]

In the News: Survey Shows CEOs Oppose Stimulus Plan

More than half of northeastern Wisconsin chief executives surveyed about the federal government’s economic stimulus plan say they are opposed to it. The Nicolet National Bank Business Pulse survey of 160 CEOs, conducted between Jan. 27 and Feb. 3, found that 57% were opposed to the plan, 23% favored it and 20% weren’t sure. Opposition […]

In the News: Tiny Banks Lending Large

Michael Daniels runs a small bank in Green Bay, Wis., that recently received $15 million in taxpayer money. When he got the money, Daniels did something a bit rare in banking circles these days: He lent it out to homebuyers and small businesses. “We’re making loans,” Daniels said. “The window is open. It’s never been […]

In the News: See How Local Banks are Using Bailout Money

Nicolet National Bank President and COO Mike Daniels comments on how Wisconsin banks are using bailout money.

In the News: Rescue Leaves Markets Cold

The stock market Tuesday delivered a resounding vote of no confidence to the Obama administration’s plan to unclog bottlenecks in the banking system that are choking lending and hobbling the nation’s economy. Stocks fell broadly throughout the day, including heavy losses for Milwaukee-based Marshall & Ilsley Corp. and Green Bay’s Associated Banc-Corp, after Treasury Secretary […]

In the News: Nicolet Bank Puts Bailout Money Back in Community

A local bank is drawing national attention for doing what government leaders want banks to do with its taxpayer bailout money — lend money to home buyers and small businesses. At the end of last year when the $700 billion Troubled Assets Relief Program — or TARP — became available for the troubled financial sector, […]

In the News: Congressmen Bearing Gifts not the Solution

We have regular private communication with more than 20 percent of the locally-owned businesses in our area about their business and their markets. This does put us in a position to share some generalizations about what is happening real time.

2009 Business Pulse: CEO Challenges 2009

In 2009, CEOs say there are new challenges on their plate – some they’ve never seen before. Since October, when the whole world changed, CEOs in Northeastern Wisconsin have been rapidly reordering business priorities.

2008 Business Pulse: CEOs see a Threat/Opportunity

In October, at the end of the Third Quarter, CEO Confidence in Northeastern Wisconsin had fallen to its lowest level in 30 consecutive quarters of reporting by The Nicolet Bank Business Pulse. Since then, on top of everything else, the government officially declared us in a recession.  How are CEOs responding?  What have they done […]