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Investor Insights – August, 2015

Latest Investor Insights from our friends at Northern Trust. Investor Insights – August, 2015

Economic Viewpoints – July 2015

The latest economic viewpoints from our friends at Northern Trust. Viewpoints – July 2015

Economic Viewpoints – June 2015

Latest economic viewpoints from our friends at Northern Trust. Viewpoints June 2015

Economic Outlook – December 2013

The latest Economic Outlook from our friends at Brookfield Investment Partners. ECONOMIC OUTLOOK_DECEMBER 2013  

2013 CEO Challenges

The latest Nicolet Bank Business Pulse focused on the top challenges for 2013. Attached is a link to the results of the study.  This year, the results show a shift of concern from internal to external factors giving rise to uncertainty. 2013 CHALLENGES and Index Summary MB

Economy Takes on a Rosier Glow

World stock markets rallied Wednesday amid signs that the American recovery could be gaining traction – led partly by factory output – and relief that Europe might be on the verge of finding some much-needed leadership on its widening financial crisis.

In the News: A Slow Thaw

Commercial lending is still tight, but some loan programs could loosen credit. Take a look at the vacancy signs and darkened storefronts and you start to get the picture that prospects for lending in the commercial real estate market aren’t yet bright.

In the News: Systemic Risk, End it Don’t “Manage” It

The blogging bankers at Nicolet National Bank in Wisconsin have been on a roll over at The Vault lately. CEO Bob Atwell’s latest post addresses this month’s meeting between President Obama and a few of the country’s biggest bank CEOs. He makes some interesting points on too-big-to-fail, concluding that “centralized and politicized finance is financially […]

The Drew Mariani Show: Bob Atwell and Financial Morals

Bob Atwell discusses financial moral principles.

In The News: Tapping into TARP

Finding opportunities when the going gets tough isn’t always easy, but Mike Daniels, president and chief operating officer for Nicolet Bankshares Inc., is looking to do just that. While the financial industry has taken a beating nationwide and across the globe, the Green Bay holding company for Nicolet National Bank has held its own, but […]