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In the News: Optimistic at Annual Meeting

Nicolet Bancshares Inc. Chairman Bob Atwell said 2010 will be a year for grinding out increased profits. Atwell, who also is president and chief executive officer of the Green Bay-based bank holding company, said 2009 wasn’t as good a year as they would prefer, but it was better than 2008 and better than many of […]

In the News: TARP Bankers say They are Unfairly Criticized

Community banks that received TARP money are bristling at the daily criticism from Washington that they are misspending the funds. Last week’s release of an audit from TARP’s Special Inspector General (SIGTARP) that detailed TARP spending didn’t help matters. “Nobody wants to stand up for the good bankers in this deal,” says Robert B. Atwell, […]

In the News: Why People Trump Numbers

Founded in 2000 in Green Bay, was one of a few banks in Wisconsin to accept Troubled Asset Relief Program funds. Chairman and CEO Bob Atwell says his bank did not need TARP, but accepted it as a good move for shareholders. He sat down with Insight Editor Margaret LeBrun to share his take on […]

In the News: New Economic Ills Will Force Winner’s Hand

An article from The Wall Street Journal that discusses the big drop in auto sales that calls for swift action from the next president. Chief Executive Bob Atwell of Nicolet National Bank is quoted. Publish at Scribd or explore others: auto makers bob atwell

The Drew Mariani Show: Bob Atwell’s Segment