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In the News: Tiny Banks Lending Large

Michael Daniels runs a small bank in Green Bay, Wis., that recently received $15 million in taxpayer money. When he got the money, Daniels did something a bit rare in banking circles these days: He lent it out to homebuyers and small businesses. “We’re making loans,” Daniels said. “The window is open. It’s never been […]

In the News: See How Local Banks are Using Bailout Money

Nicolet National Bank President and COO Mike Daniels comments on how Wisconsin banks are using bailout money.

In the News: Nicolet Bank Puts Bailout Money Back in Community

A local bank is drawing national attention for doing what government leaders want banks to do with its taxpayer bailout money — lend money to home buyers and small businesses. At the end of last year when the $700 billion Troubled Assets Relief Program — or TARP — became available for the troubled financial sector, […]