Pre-Approval for Home Loans Helps Buyers Strengthen Their Offer

Nicolet Bank Provides Home Loans for Home Purchases and Remodeling

The tight housing market in most parts of Wisconsin has created a situation in which the buyer who can move the quickest may end up with the prize. Pre-approval for home loans through Nicolet National Bank is an effective way to position yourself for fast action.

“There are more buyers than homes for sale right now,” says Tom Zellner, senior vice president and retail/private banking manager at Nicolet Bank. “That lack of inventory makes it a very demanding environment for home purchases, and buyers need to be more prepared before they put in an offer. Pre-approval is a key point for submitting an accepted offer.”

Interest rates that continue to hover at near-historic low levels produce an attractive borrowing environment, encouraging more potential buyers to compete for a limited inventory of existing homes. This dynamic is having a spillover effect toward new home construction home loans and remodeling projects through home equity home loans.

Refinancing Home Loans Creates Capital for Additions

Most home owners, by this time, have taken advantage of the long-term existence of low interest rates to refinance their old mortgages. The continuing presence of low rates provides the ideal opportunity to leverage equity from home loans for remodeling and addition projects.

While it is difficult to predict the future of interest rates, most analysts expect a slow increase as the U.S. economy shows no signs of slowing down. This scenario makes it a good time to contact Nicolet Bank’s personal bankers and begin the pre-approval process that will make the home buying transaction that much smoother.

“Rates are still amazing, and with the low inventory of existing homes out there, we see construction and home improvement home loans remaining strong in 2018,” Zellner says. “We have seen a complete shift in customer demand over the last couple of years from people looking to refinance their existing home loans to people looking to purchase or build a new home.”

About Nicolet National Bank

Nicolet National Bank is a growing, full-service community bank. Founded in 2000, Nicolet Bank operates branches in northeast and central Wisconsin, and the upper peninsula of Michigan. Nicolet Bank’s common stock is listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the trading symbol NCSB.

For more information about Nicolet National Bank, please call 800-369-0226 or visit


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