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Darlene York Medford
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Darlene York Wealth Advisor, Fiduciary Specialist

Darlene York is a Vice President and Trust Officer of Nicolet Wealth Management. Darlene’s financial career spans 40 years, and encompasses a wide variety of banking experience. Darlene began in financial services in a small, local bank. She is in our North Central region, and works out of the Medford office. She is gratified when clients put plans in place and their families benefit from their joint efforts.

Darlene lives in the country, outside the Abbotsford area.  She enjoys participating in community events in the Abbotsford, Colby and Medford areas. Her spare time is spent with family, in her garden and enjoying a good book.

Darlene has worked to develop relationships with attorneys and accountants in the North Central region to establish and deliver a team approach for her clients. She is a Certified Trust & Financial Advisor (CFTA) and obtained that certification through the Institute of Certified Bankers, and continuing education. Her focus is on her client’s present and future plans; for them, and for their families.

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