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Private Banking

While it may have its place in business, bigger is not always better.
That’s a belief that resonates among our Private Bankers and our clients alike. Our Private Bankers embrace a focused, intimate approach to banking, delivering on what our customers want most. Responsiveness. Responsibility. Relationships.

Our Private Bankers are empowered to make decisions. As a matter of fact, all decisions are made locally. Clients can pick up the phone and get answers quickly. If being responsive requires a drive to the customer’s home after hours to refinance a mortgage, we’ll be there. If it means sharing a home phone number so clients can reach us for an important conversation, so be it. At Nicolet Bank, we realize that relationships extend beyond 8 to 5.

As important, our Private Bankers take accountability for understanding the complete financial picture of a client. We Ask, We Advise, We never Assume. It’s this connection that our clients trust when they have banking decisions that are, at their root, life decisions.

No matter what the need, our clients are confident that someone always has their best interests at heart—a Nicolet Private Banker.