Nicolet National Bank’s Personal Bankers Focus on Customer Needs

Simplifying Processes Gives Nicolet Bank a Hometown Feel

Nicolet National Bank’s personal bankers provide the link between good, old-fashioned hometown banking and the array of products and technological services available in today’s financial world. It is this focus on individualized service that creates long-lasting relationships between personal bankers and their customers.

“We believe exceptional customer service differentiates Nicolet Bank from its bigger-name competitors,” says Jamie Gignac, one of a team of personal bankers at Nicolet Bank. “Our goal is to make our customers’ lives easier by allowing them to focus on their careers, families and lives rather than navigating some complicated banking issue.”

Personal bankers have served as the foundation of Nicolet Bank’s service model since the bank opened its first downtown Green Bay location in 2000. Nicolet Bank has committed significant resources to its role as the region’s newest community bank since day one, a responsibility that continues today through nearly 40 branch locations.

Personal Bankers Point to Simplification as a Primary Duty

The world of banking has become much more complicated over the years, with technology playing a large part in simplifying the movement and tracking of financial assets. Some of those simplification services include:

  • Transferring accounts from other financial institutions
  • Combining multiple accounts when appropriate
  • Setting up automatic payments or fund transfers
  • Direct deposits
  • Recommending appropriate account types, including interest-earning checking

While technology is a welcome innovation for some bank customers, it adds stress to the banking experience for others. That is where personal bankers play an important role in bridging that gap.

“Our job is to educate customers and help them understand the services that will provide the best benefit in their situation. One signature on a form and we can set up everything from automatic payments to direct deposits and account transfers,” Gignac says. “Especially for customers who are new to Nicolet Bank, our personal bankers can make the process of transferring accounts a much smoother experience.”

Nicolet Bank’s personal bankers are not bound by new account or asset goals, allowing them to recommend strategies based on what the customer needs.

About Nicolet National Bank

Nicolet National Bank is a growing, full-service community bank. Founded in 2000, Nicolet Bank operates branches in northeast and central Wisconsin, and the upper peninsula of Michigan. Nicolet Bank’s common stock is listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the trading symbol NCSB.

For more information about Nicolet National Bank, please call 800-369-0226 or visit


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