Enjoy Access to Cash without ATM surcharge fees

For as hard as you work for your money, you should have access to your cash without spending it on ATM surcharge fees.

3 Tips to Avoid ATM charges

  1. Visit Nicolet National Bank. With branches throughout Northeast and Central Wisconsin, and in upper Michigan, search to find a branch near you for access to cash.
  2. Point of Sale. Select “Debit” when making a purchase with your debit card and choose “Cash Back”. Many retailers will give you cash back so you can have cash available without a fee.
  3. Look for a MoneyPass ATM. We offer you access to the MoneyPass ATM Network where you have access to more than 32,000 ATMs without a surcharge fee. So, not only can you use your card at Nicolet National Bank’s ATMs, but across the country, too.

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