Learn success from others

With all the uncertainty and turbulence in the economy, we do have customers that are weathering the storm and doing well. I wanted to take a moment and share some observations on why and how I believe they are succeeding. Hopefully you can use this to help in the day-to-day battles you face in your business, as I have always found it useful to learn from successes and real-time than rely on theory.

First, and probably no surprise is the human element. These people are solid managers and very much engaged in the day-to-day battles as well as the bigger picture planning. They have real business plans. It is a fact-based plan of differentiation and business processes. No fluff…No hypothetical what-ifs…..It is real and well thought out.

Second, they don’t look to surround themselves with “yes People”. They seek honest feedback and opinions from people they trust and value. Honesty and transparency are in great demand right now. Find someone you trust that will give you honest feedback on your strategy and plan…then listen.

Finally, they are getting closer to their good customers and even closer to their struggling ones. Getting back to basics is a must and not letting outside influences distract them from what needs to be done. Remember why you got in business in the first place and focus.

Opportunity exists even in chaos. Find it!