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2013 CEO Challenges

The latest Nicolet Bank Business Pulse focused on the top challenges for 2013. Attached is a link to the results of the study.  This year, the results show a shift of concern from internal to external factors giving rise to uncertainty. 2013 CHALLENGES and Index Summary MB


“Every time we’ve made a decision to do the right thing, it ends up being good business.” – Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia founder. When Patagonia started their Common Threads Initiative, which encourages people to buy less of their product, it caught my attention. I like companies who choose their own path and fly in the face […]

Leadership: Is the Next Generation Ready?

In our latest Nicolet Bank Business Pulse study, we looked to compare and contrast the views of current business leaders (current Pulse members) and future leaders (members of Young Professionals groups).  A few of the results that interested me was when we asked current business leaders how much confidence they had in the next generation […]

You Win With People

As most of you know, we have agreed to purchase the four Anchor Bank branches in Brown County.  We are trying to assimilate the branches in 73 days.  Pretty aggressive, but doable in our opinion.  As we walk through this transition, I thought it would be interesting to blog a bit about our experiences.  This […]

I Agree with Elizabeth Warren?!?!

 If you don’t know, Elizabeth Warren chairs the Congressional Oversight Panel (COP) for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).  She’s been in the news a lot recently for her comments and opinions on the TARP program, many of them, not very flattering to banking executives.  So why would I agree with her?   If you […]

Mike on Nike

At our latest Business Pulse Breakfast meeting, we had Michael Jackson, General Manager of US Basketball Operations from Nike as our speaker.  He went through a presentation of the history of Nike basketball.  In his presentation, I thought there were several takeaways that apply to all businesses.  Over the next few posts, I’d like to […]

Learn success from others

With all the uncertainty and turbulence in the economy, we do have customers that are weathering the storm and doing well. I wanted to take a moment and share some observations on why and how I believe they are succeeding. Hopefully you can use this to help in the day-to-day battles you face in your […]

Nicolet Bank and New North

I’ve been asked about our latest Nicolet National Bank Business Pulse in which we offered New North the opportunity to ask questions. Why do we do it? We support New North and their mission. By sharing our Business Pulse forum we can help them further their reach. We know that several New North initiatives are […]

Why is Nicolet Bank blogging?

You may ask yourself, why is Nicolet blogging? Here’s the deal: Transparency. It leads to great relationships. It’s the open and honest way that we have always done business. This is just another method to let you know what we’re thinking. We see a lot and hear a lot of great ideas everyday. This is […]