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Repercussions. Viewpoints – October, 2018

Emerging markets are facing significant headwinds this year, and have fallen substantially from their peak. Trade tensions remain unresolved, and we continue to see central bank behavior, especially the Federal Reserve, as a risk case. But not all the news is bad. We continue to find corporate credit attractive, and U.S. equities are performing strongly. […]

Improving Valuations. Viewpoints – September, 2018

The combination of good earnings growth and pockets of increased volatility has led to improving valuations around the world. Rising rates and some increase in credit spreads also has created an attractive opportunity in fixed income. But geopolitical developments continue to unsettle the markets, which remain unsure about how far trade relations may deteriorate. What […]

Momentum is Shifting. Viewpoints – July, 2018

Momentum – both economic and political – is shifting across the developed world. Europe started the year with the strongest growth outlook, but that has now shifted to the United States. New governing alliances and the United States’ focus on renegotiating existing agreements are disrupting the post-World War II order. What does this shifting momentum […]

Viewpoints – June, 2018

If recent economic trends could be summed up in one word, it would be “moderation.” In the United States, growth and inflation are moderating, which is likely to force the Federal Reserve to moderate its desired pace of rate increases. How will this trend of moderation affect your portfolio? Read Viewpoints

Relative Stability

Equity markets face ongoing volatility and tough trade talk continues to hang over the markets. Despite this, and some negative surprises in economic reports, market measures of risk remain stable. After separating out the fundamental change from the noise, what do we see? Read Viewpoints now.

Scam Alert: MyFitnessPal health and fitness tracking app users are now phishing targets

The scam making news this week is a data breach with Under Armour’s health- and fitness-tracking app, MyFitnessPal.  A database with 150 million user names and passwords of the super popular MyFitnessPal app has been hacked. Cyber criminals use this to scare you into clicking on phishing emails and infect your computer with malware or manipulate […]

Viewpoints – April, 2018

The global trade outlook became less predictable, as the U.S. government’s decision to impose tariffs on imported steel and aluminum elicited threats of retaliation by trading partners near and far. Meanwhile, the global economy appears to have gained a little momentum, inflation remains subdued and corporate profitability continues to shine. Has economic optimism reached its […]

Viewpoints – March, 2018

The January U.S. payroll report showed that wages had jumped 2.9% for the month. This, apparently, was the catalyst for a selloff in global equities. But are rising wages really a symptom of higher inflation to come? Discover our diagnosis in Viewpoints now.

Viewpoints – February, 2018

The markets kicked off 2018 with continued momentum, supported by improving global growth and tax reform in the United States. Will this lead to a jump in inflation? While there may be an uptick in inflation, we don’t see it derailing the expansion. What are we watching at the start of this new year? Read Viewpoints […]

Viewpoints – January, 2018

With the global economy poised to close 2017 with broad momentum and inflation still generally absent, what can investors expect from 2018? Where do we see the risks and opportunities in the coming year? Will the forces driving returns stay in motion in 2018? Read Viewpoints now to find out.